Episode 4

Published on:

16th Oct 2019

Understanding Chaos and Order and the Consequences of Resisting Responsibility- with Former Monk Rajan Shankara

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Episode 4 is centred around: Consequences of resisting responsibility, nihilism, importance of delaying immediate gratification, what the mythological dragon of chaos is, and the 3 questions to ask yourself in preparation to slay that mythological dragon.

Episode 3

Published on:

9th Oct 2019

Deconstructing Fear and Stress - with Former Monk Rajan Shankara

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This week's episode captures the realities of social anxiety, why they exist and how we fix them.

Episode 2

Published on:

4th Oct 2019

The Definition of a Man and the Significance of Responsibility - with Former Monk Rajan Shankara

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This episode is centred around the definition of a man; why responsibility is so important to the bigger picture; and what it means to take care of others.

Episode 1

Published on:

26th Sep 2019

Understanding and Cultivating the Mind - with Former Monk Rajan Shankara

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This episode focuses on understanding and cultivating the mind through an interview with Rajan Shankara, a former 12 year Hindu monk.


00:00 - Introduction

00:50 - The 5 Levels of the Mind

14:32 - How to stay present in the moment

17:10 - About trauma

21:10 - How affirmations affect the mind

24:26 - Why stress and load on the human mind is self-created

31:32 - Rajan's reputation and legacy

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About the Podcast

Man in the Making
'Man in the Making' is a reference to myself and my journey of self-improvement to becoming a better person. A podcast seemed like the ideal way to share the knowledge of former monk Rajan Shankara, which has the capacity to change lives for the better.

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