Episode 11

Published on:

4th Dec 2019

How Monks Deal with Negative Emotions - with Former Monk Rajan Shankara


3:00 – Discrimination;

5:05 – Is it going to hurt someone, is it going to hurt you, is it going to damage something?;

6:20 - Detachment;

9:38 – Dispassion;

13:50 – You do not have to avoid the moments of darkness and despair;

15:34 – A quote from the stoics;

20:44 – The negative emotion from outside influences is part of life;

23:42 – Once we think we’ve transcended something, it’s going to come back on a different level

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Man in the Making
'Man in the Making' is a reference to myself and my journey of self-improvement to becoming a better person. A podcast seemed like the ideal way to share the knowledge of former monk Rajan Shankara, which has the capacity to change lives for the better.

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